Prayer Requests During Worship

During our worship services, there is a time for people to bring their prayer requests to the attention of the whole congregation. Then we all pray together for an immediate feeling of connection, relief, and support.

Submit prayer request

Prayer Requests by Email or Phone

If you cannot attend the service or would rather submit a request in private, please contact our church office. 
(315) 682-8941

Team Prayer

The ACTS Team of Prayer

Jo Ann Mostar and others meet weekly to pray for needs expressed in our bulletin each Sunday, as well as other needs brought to our attention. We meet on Mondays at 1:00 pm in the Church Library. Come and join us when you can. Please call the church office at (315) 682-8941 if you have a prayer request for our team.

Prayer Chain

Prayer Chain

How does it work? There are people in our congregation who are part of our prayer chain. When prayer requests come in, they are passed down the line to the people on the chain via phone for prayer. Members who can’t regularly make it to church or who communicate mostly by phone serve the Lord and others through the prayer chain.  You may reach it by contacting the church office at (315) 682- 8941.

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